terça-feira, 28 de outubro de 2008

If I could hold you close

Like you were never gone

If I could hear your voice

You'd tell me to be strong

But sometimes,

I just don't understand,

Why you had to go,

I guess I'll never know...

Ain't it funny how you think

You're gonna be OK

Till you remember things ain't never

Gonna be the same again

The same again

Ain't it crazy how you think

You've got your whole life planned

Just to find that it was never ever

In your handIn your hand


If I could get to you

I'd be there in a minute

My world don't make no sense

Not without you in it

Why'd you have to go?

And leave me here alone

You don't see it coming


When the future comes knocking

It changed

It can make you or break you too

You'd just have to make it through

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